Going Cuckoo for Coco

  • December 11, 2017

On November 22nd, Disney Pixar released the newest addition to its movie empire. Taking the form of a heartwarming movie that combines the themes of following one’s dreams and respecting family culture, “Coco” astounded its fans with incredible animation and a touching plot.

In the beginning of the movie, the audience is introduced to a family still suffering from the pain of a runaway music star who left his family to pursue his own career. Therefore, when the protagonist Miguel reveals his love for music, it is not received well, ending with a disillusionment with his family and a subsequent journey of discovery. Along the way, he finds himself in the mystical land of the dead and finds out more not only about his family, but himself as well.

Although this film exhibited the traditional Disney movie trait of catchy songs such as “Remember Me”, the songs found in the movie do not only stop at that. Whether it be representing themes of familial connections or Mexican culture, each song added more to the story than just another song to “remember.”

In the execution of the meaningful and touching plot, hundreds of animators worked tirelessly to weave together beautiful shots with vibrant colors that truly make an animated picture come to life. From the majestic views of the city from clifftops, to the intricate animation of Miguel’s strumming of  his guitar, it is evident that each piece of the stunning work was thought out and meticulously orchestrated.

It is clear from the music to the food to the people in the film that Pixar has done its research. Through charming references and stylistic additions, the viewer is swept up into the world of animated Mexico, and finds him or herself enthralled with every single detail.

From “The Incredibles” to “Up,” from “Finding Nemo” to “Inside Out,” “Pixar” has never failed to stun us with beautiful animation and awesome plot lines, and in its newest addition to the list, audiences can find themselves smiling, laughing, and crying to a story surpassing the rest in the form of “Coco.”

photo by Cinematic Slant

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