Artsy for Africa

  • December 6, 2017

It is common knowledge that many people are suffering from a lack of clean water in Africa, with nearly a billion people (an eight of the total population of the world) not having access to drinkable water. Although this is common knowledge, no one at our school attempted to address this issue and attempt to give aid to the cause. Created by club president Rajvi Kumar (11) and her board members vice-president Xoshil Chen Marquez (11) , treasurer Lily Bagheri (11), and secretary Aleksandra Dudek (11), Artsy of Africa is taking charge and hoping to change that.

Rajvi said, “The goal of Artsy 4 Africa is to provide an efficient water source to underdeveloped parts of Africa. Our goal is not to just provide water bottles and water from the U.S, but also to partner with the ZAKAT foundation.”

The ZAKAT foundation is a non-profit American-based organization that is dedicated to improving and providing emergency relief, education, health care, and development to poor communities. Artsy for Africa works together with this organization, providing water bottles and funding for those in need.

When asked for the end goal of the club, Xoshil replied, “ Through our club, we hope to raise enough money to sponsor the building of a well.”

Rajvi continued that they want to “raise enough money for not just one but two water wells to be built in undeveloped regions. Hopefully through the help of hard working club members and the LCHS community, we will be able to achieve that goal.”

As a relatively new club, Artsy for Africa and her members started planning out their plan during the first quarter. Their main plan to raise money is to sell friendship bracelets -to which Rajvi commented, “where the ‘Art’ in our club name comes from”. The club members will participate in creating friendship bracelets and selling them to the student body. Other fundraisers include events at chipotle and Habit Burger and bake sales.

The club holds meeting every other Fridays in Mrs. Moore’s room (room 2005). They encourage everyone to join!

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