STEM Sisters begins to grow

  • October 30, 2017

According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, only 24% of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are comprised of women. STEM Sisters, a club started by president Julia Bridges (11), vice president Shannon Ring (11), secretary Brooke Yasuda (11), and treasurer Aleksandra Dudek (11), hopes to encourage young women to pursue careers in the these STEM fields.

The goal of our club is to try to encourage and inspire more girls to consider the STEM fields as valid career options. There is such a low percentage of women in those fields right now, and they are such rewarding and interesting job opportunities that it seems women are ignoring or not considering because they are classically seen as male fields,” Shannon said, “By opening girls’ eyes to such cool jobs hopefully we can inspire them to consider the fields.”

When asked why she started the club, Julia replied, “I have wanted to make a club like this ever since I started computer programming at our school. It made me think about how this must be similar to adult women in technology fields. I did some research and found that not only were technology careers not filled by women, but all STEM fields! I really just wanted to create an environment for girls to feel empowered pursuing something they are not dominant in.”

In order to accomplish their goal, the girls want to partake in activities such as visiting and talking to elementary school girls about STEM, attending technology and science events, fundraising for other organizations that promote the same goals, and inviting women working in  the fields  as guest speakers.

On Friday, October 13, the girls invited Mrs. Sandy Kao, a prominent animator/technical aspect worker from Dreamworks Animations and Universal Studios. Some of her works include Trolls (2016) and Madagascar (2005). During lunch, Mrs. Kao talked about what her job as an animator entailed and encouraged the members to pursue careers in the STEM path.

Julia said, “We are looking forward to having some more awesome guest speakers at many of our meetings while also hoping to outreach their appearance to the whole school so everyone can listen to our speakers talk.”

STEM Sisters welcomes anyone, including boys, to come and join. The clubs have meetings every other Friday during lunch in Ms. Robertson’s room (room 311), so feel free to come and visit!                            

Photo taken by Keiko Segismundo

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