LC Botany

  • October 30, 2017

La Cañada High School boasts several clubs spanning many diverse subjects and interests. The Botany Club is one such organization that started last year and has continued since, pursuing the goal of learning more about plants. The club runs off of the genuine interest of the  members who all come together to study Botany.

Club President Eugene Hong (11) said, “We don’t have a specific goal in mind when doing our research. We just want to learn more about whatever topic we plan to study.”

The club was made on a whim, when Eugene took up the hobby of gardening over the summer. Developing fondness towards the practice and science of botany, he later decided to share his interest in the form of a club, where his friends and fellow botany enthusiasts can study and share their ideas on the subject.

“There’s a lot of clubs that seem quite similar to ours like Green Club and Gardening Club, but Botany is unique in that we use the power of science to answer burning questions,” Eugene explained.

Botany can be an uninteresting study of plants to the average student, but it is an all encompassing way to look at nature’s processes.

“People sleep on Botany,” Smith Shute (11) said. Ultimately, the members of Botany club agree that Botany is an underappreciated scientific study. Despite how essential the study of botany and agriculture is, the scientific field is often neglected in favor of other, more mainstream majors and fields of study.

In order to find out more about the club, you can follow them on instagram at “lc_buds” where club meeting locations and times are posted.

Photo courtesy of Eugene Hong.

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