Halloween Spirit

  • October 30, 2017

Halloween, despite being hailed as one of the most popular holidays, has a dying fanbase among LCHS students with few adamant supporters. It’s no surprise that Halloween is not as popular among high schoolers as it is with elementary school students or younger audiences because of its focus on dressing up in costumes and trick or treating – activities that many would agree is somewhat childish.

“The last time I remember going trick or treating was in 8th grade. It was fun, but the last two years I decided to stay at home, and I’ll most likely stay at home this year as well.” said Corwin Hill (11).

Many students reported that the last time they went trick or treating was either in elementary or middle school.

“Halloween is the same routine except now I give out the candy. The culture surrounding trick or treating is geared towards younger people, so I feel like if I went out and trick or treated I would get weird looks from people because I’m considered ‘too old’. Usually people my age should be at a party or going to haunted mazes, not getting candy for free when they can buy some at the store,” Kyle Osornia (11) explained.

Despite the fact that fewer and fewer high school students go trick or treating, there are still people who care about the holiday and still maintain their annual rituals. However, it’s clear, even to them, that the spirit of Halloween is clearly declining.

“I really care about Halloween because it’s fun, but the spirit of but spirit is definitely going down at school because there are no more Halloween parties and teachers still give homework,” commented Aletta Hill (9).

To many, Halloween is simply not as important of a holiday as Christmas. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas occur during actual breaks from school.  Halloween, however, has occurred on inconvenient days and hasn’t been acknowledged by teachers as an important enough holiday to exempt students from a night of work. Perhaps to many, October 27th, the day the second season of “Stranger Things” hits Netflix, is much more important than Halloween.

“There’s basically no difference between October 31st and November 1st. The new month hype is probably a bigger deal than Halloween,” said Kagen Christoph (11).

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