Dig for the Cure (FSHA v. LCHS)

  • October 24, 2017

LCHS girls volleyball hosted another amazing Dig for the Cure game at the Hotchkin Gymnasium on Saturday October 7th. The Dig for the Cure game’s purpose is to spread awareness and raise money for breast cancer patients. These games are held all across California and this was the 10th Dig for the Cure game they have hosted.

Katherine Albano (10) said, “The game was so fun because there was such a great turnout, and it was exciting from start to finish!”

All proceeds from the Dig for the Cure game go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure which is the largest organization that raises money for breast cancer research and helps women from all over the world fight breast cancer. They have worked to decrease breast cancer mortality rates by nearly 40% since 1985.

The annual Dig for the Cure game is more than just volleyball, it is a fight against cancer. This game hits very close to home as some of the team member’s relatives had breast cancer as well.

Alec Tujian (10), who watched the game and is also a part of Susan G. Komen Breast For the Cure club at our school said that, “the Dig for the Cure is for such a good cause, and I am so glad that our LCHS girls volleyball team is taking a stand against breast cancer.”

At the game there were baked goods, t-shirts, and clapping mittens, that were sold to the audience. This revenue, along with donations, were given to the organization. With about 300 people attended the game,the LCHS Girls Volleyball Team raised a total of $2,600 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The LC girls took the win against Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy with a score of 16-14  in the final tie breaking set. It was a game that kept the viewers on edge!

Photo by Maya White

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