Comedy Sportz

  • October 19, 2017

A new season for Comedy Sportz has begun. The list of the team was posted on September 18 by Team Captain Tessa Fungo (12).

Comedy Sportz is group improvisation, which is a form of live theatre where performers come up with short stories, puns, or other forms of humor on the spot, often with prompts given by members of the audience.

Although being on the team requires hard work, the members state that it is rewarding.

Tessa, having been on the team for three years, said that “Being the team captain is a lot of work because there are a lot of things that people don’t see. But seeing people who care so much about it really makes this all worth it.”

Daphne Herzfeld (11) and Grey Ingrassia (10) said that performing in matches and being with their friends are the things that make Comedy Sportz fun. Since Grey and Daphne are both in theatre, it gives them a chance to see some of their friends while being involved in an activity they feel happy to be a part of.

The team plays a variety of improvisational “games.” Abi Lidar (12) shared that her favorite game is Questions since it is challenging but rewarding. It is played by talking to each other entirely in questions. She said that being in Comedy Sportz has taught her to think on her feet and develop more theater skills.

After watching a professional game, Joseph Sevigny (12), decided that he wanted to tryout for Comedy Sportz. His favorite game is Radio, a game in which audience members give prompts to four people on stage. The players then have to pretend that they are whatever those prompts entail.  Most team members have also said that Radio is one of their favorites.

Phillip Welk (11) and Tessa gave some helpful advice for those on JV to keep in mind. Phillip emphasized the importance of showing up to practices and putting yourself out there. Tessa’s advice is “If you’re on JV, stick with it. It’s pretty much the same thing and it is a learning process.”

Unfortunately, the team has been off to a rough start this school year. Without enough money to pay their coach, they have cancelled many practices and have been unable to schedule any games. This has in turn affected the JV team, which has only had one practice so far.

Regardless, the team still remains hopeful that the season will turn around and the team will be able to show off all of the talent they have.

“A lot stuff that we have no control over happened and we just have to pick up the pieces from it and figure out what’s going to happen,” Tessa said. “I enjoy Comedy Sportz because there are kids that are so good at it and love it so much. To lose that would be such a shame, which is why I have put in so much time to try and save it and a lot of kids on the team are trying really hard too. We don’t really know what’s going to happen, but hopefully everything works out.”

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