The Korean Festival

  • October 17, 2017

The 44th Los Angeles Korean Festival was held in Koreatown from October 12th to 15th. There were various booths and activities to enjoy, including the food court, shopping place, exhibitions, and performances by Korean entertainers.

The festival offered foods that are commonly enjoyed by native Koreans. There were various unique dishes such as mung bean pancakes made from scratch, spicy rice cakes which encapsulate the spicy taste of Korea, Korean BBQ, the festival’s potato tornado stick, and fusion foods.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation provided vendors that brought products, some hard to find even in Koreatown, straight from Korea. Beautiful lanterns from the Korean province of Jinju shined over 300 vendors and 400,000 shoppers at a festival.

The Los Angeles Korean Festival is a significant event in LA to promote the history and culture of Korea to the younger generation of all ethnicities. Through various exhibits, such as the historical wall, the march of Korean traditional soldiers, and many more, the festival offered the participants a chance to enjoy the visual beauty of Korea as well as the actual history.

` The performances this year included Korean traditional dance by Hessed Global Art and Jung Hyung Sook team, singers called Heo Gak and Megan Lee, Korean rappers called Palo Alto, Nada, Osshungum, Kero One and more. The performances created an enjoyable and memorable time for all people who enjoyed the show.

Rachel Kim (11), a student from La Cañada High School said “ I go every year and there were foods and desserts from Korea and LA. There was a real diversity of foods and also there were performances for one or two hours. I really liked a group called Odd Gallery or Odd It. I liked their rapping style and how they interacted with their audience.”

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