Girl’s Volleyball

  • October 6, 2017

Although they got off to a rocky start, the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team is now setting their path towards CIF with multiple wins during their mid season. With the guidance of Varsity Coach Chris Sullivan and the captains, Sophia Bang (12), Hailey Belcher (12), Elizabeth Gannon (12), and Chloe Kerstein (12), the girls are looking forward to challenging old and new rivals during their season.

After the initial 3 loses, the girls came back, currently having an impressive record of 3-1-0 (win-lose-tie) in league and an overall record of 9-4-0.

Chloe said, “I can’t wait for a great season with one of the best teams I’ve played on! We have lots of talent this year, and each person on the team contributes to every game, which makes this team special. This team has lots of potential to do great things, and I know we will have a successful year!”

The girls have a large team, boasting a number of 16 members. Returning players Katherine Albano (10), Alexandra Gates (10),  Claire Kevorkian (10), Emily Weirick (10), Kimberly Callister (11), Natalie Shamilian (11), Prudence Sum (12), Sophia, Hailey, Elizabeth, and Chloe are joined by newcomers Claire Saydah (9), Maya White (9), Allison Budde (10), Samantha Mayer (10), and Erica Oh (11).

The biggest challenge is that we have such a big team. This means that a lot of people do not get to play, and there are always 10 people sitting on the bench at once. Everyone has the ability to go on the court at any time though, and we all take this challenge very well,” Sophia said.

Although the large number of members limits the time each of the girls have on the court, it also makes way for deep bonds and friendships to form.

“The best part about our team is that there is no drama. We all love each other and we all help each other out in any way we can. It is a lot of fun being on this team,” said Elizabeth.

Sophia agrees with the sentiment and continues, “Some of my best friends are on the team and I would have never meet them if it weren’t for volleyball.”

The team will have one of their most important event, the Dig for the Cure game, this Saturday, October 7th at 7pm  against Flintridge Sacred Heart. all of the proceeds earned from tickets and from selling t-shirts and baked goods will be donated to breast cancer research. Make sure to come and support both the girls and their cause!


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