Club Day Recap

  • October 5, 2017


The second half of Club Days 2017 was held on September 20. Students had the opportunity to find out about and sign up for the club(s) that interested them. As the 9-12 lunch bell rang for lunch, hundreds of kids rushed to the quad, lured by either the enrichment of extracurriculars or the promise of cookies from Ralphs. Loud chatter could be heard all around the school, with shouts of kids asking others to sign up for their club ringing out.

Ranging from Spanish to technology to charity, the quad carried a diverse range this year, with notable clubs being the exclusive FIDM Fashion club and the honorable Make a Wish Club. The Armenian Club, which won club of the year last year, attracted a lengthy line, with over 50 kids signing up for the celebration (and food) of Armenian culture. And as usual, there is a surplus of charity clubs, including Operation Underground Railroad, a club dedicated to ending child slavery.

“Why not start a club to raise awareness, get people involved, talking about it?” Nicole Reynolds (11) stated as she set up her table.

Students at LCHS are passionate about trying to make the world a better place. Clubs like Liberty in North Korea and Good Neighbors work to help the less fortunate, and there have been many more like them in past and present. LCHS clubs aren’t just concentrated on charity, however. More relaxed clubs like the Gardening club and the Darkroom club allow for kids to take a break and have fun.

The desire to make change, however, is universal.

“I don’t think you need to be a leader to do this kind of work,” Nicole Kim (11) responded when asked if she considered herself a leader. “You just need a motive and support”.

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