Boys’ Water Polo

  • September 14, 2017

The La Canada High School Boys’ Water polo team is anticipating success this season, starting off refreshed and with a new coach, Gill Millanis.

He said, “I have three different coaching jobs. I work at the Rose Bowl for high school girls and I work at Westridge Private High school, and I did volunteer work at school for JV. This is my first head coach position but not my first team.”

This year, his goal is to win the league and provide positive learning experiences for the boys. Moreover, he hopes to create an environment where the team members are excited to learn both in and out of the pool.

One of the major strengths of the team this year is their speed, allowing them to  quickly anticipate the moves of the other team. They also have a great goalkeeper, Reed Fundter (12), who is very vocal. Most importantly, the coach emphasized that the team can listen to the directions well and are very coachable, bringing synergy to the team.

Captains Reed Fundter and Thomas McNulty(12), are working together so that their team can be in the best condition possible. They hope to win as many games as possible and particularly aspire to win CIF.

The Boys’ Water polo team members include seniors Mathew Bilaver and Jeremy Kim, juniors Jack Applebaum, Ryan Choi, Liam Hutchins, Robert Louk and Vincent Wardle, and sophomores Lonnie Blanchard and Colin Nicholls.

The boys practice together every day after school to improve their individual skills and reinforce their team work. Their first game took place at LCHS on September 5th against Eagle Rock, winning the game 13-4. However, they lost in the second game  against Montebello on September 6th (8-18). Their next game will be on September 19th at 6:00 pm at Notre Dame High School against Notre Dame/ Sherman Oaks. Come out to support your water polo team!


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