• September 11, 2017

As the 2017-2018 school year starts, the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team’s new journey begins as well. Coach Will Moravec, along with his captains, seniors Sarah Settles and Nicole Son, are determined to see a triumphant season with their team.

¨I feel really privileged and excited to take on the responsibility of captain. I have been on varsity with my co-captain, Sarah, since freshman year, and this is something that we both have been looking forward to for a long time,” Nicole said, ¨ My goal for this year’s season is that we make it to CIF and do well in League. I hope that collectively as a team we can improve in our game, grow in our friendships, and remain driven.¨

Sarah continued, “We have a lot of really good girls on the team, and I would like to see them reach their full potential.”

Along with returning varsity players Sarah Settles, Nicole Son, Alexis Chan (12), Megan Galantai (12), Casey Cheng (12), Kelsey Warda (12), Ashley Chun (11), Solenn Matuska (11), Sophie McKenzie (11), Annabelle Kevakian (10), Roxanna Razavi (10), Lisa Son (10), Maya Vasisht (10), Elise Wu (10), two freshmen, Artis Phillips, and Sydney Wang made the Girls’ Varsity team.

Artis stated, “The team is great. The captains, Nicole and Sarah, are very welcoming and the rest of the team has been kind and inclusive. I really like how everyone is helping us get into a rhythm and showing us the ropes.”

The girls have a twice-a-week schedule: practices on Monday and Wednesday and games on Tuesday and Thursday. They plan to train rigorously to fulfill their ultimate goal of winning the CIFs a reality.

¨My goal for this year’s season for us to make it to CIF…Those matches at the end will be the ones I look forward to the most. It will be at the end of the season, and I know it is going to be really emotional and special for me since it is the closing of a chapter of one of my best high school experiences,” Nicole said.

Coach Moravec added, “We lost in the first round of division 2 (last season). We hope to get past that this year.”

The team had their first game against Sacred Heart on Tuesday, September 5th, winning with a score of 15-3. Their first home game was two days later, on the 8th, against La Crescenta, which they lost with a score of 2-16.

Their next game will be on September 11th, against Cleveland. Although they won’t be having their game at home, make sure to show them your support!

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