North Korea, Nukes, and Trump

  • September 11, 2017

On July 4th, North Korea carried out an intercontinental ballistic missile test, sending the weapon as a gift to the ¨American b******”, said by the North Korean government, to the US on our Independence day. This missile test confirmed North Korea could now fire a deadly missile towards the United States.

Recently, President Trump made headlines by warning North Korea of the ¨fire and fury¨ that will descend upon the totalitarian state if North Korea decides to go through with their plans to attack Guam. While this isn’t the first threat to come out of Kim Jong Un´s secretive state, it has caused the greatest stir. It not only shows North Korea’s increasing capability of attacking the US,  with their open threats on Guam, it is also the first to hold deadly weight.

For the past ten years, several countries, including China and the UN have been putting pressure on North Korea to denuclearize. Under former president Bush’s policy of a ¨hungry child knows no politics,¨ the US provided aid to North Korea in the form of food until 2011, mostly in an attempt to get on good terms with the country, but this was ended by Obama due to North Korea’s inability to budge on negotiations. To open negotiations, the US has asked North Korea to denuclearize- in return, North Korea has asked to be taken off the hostile list. Neither country is willing to give into the other due to their tense and uncertain history.

In August, North Korea fired a missile capable of hitting the US. In September, they claimed they had completed their first successful hydrogen bomb test. With North Korea’s nuclear program rapidly improving and both sides being unyielding, it seems all the more plausible that the two countries are in danger of war since the current range of North Korea’s nuclear missiles covers most of the US. While the communist country has decided to lay off their four missile attack on Guam, Kim Jong Un has made clear that they will never give up their nuclear program.        


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