Mrs. Robertson, Our New Physics Teacher

  • September 11, 2017

LCHS’s newest physics teacher is definitely qualified for the job. Over the past five years, Mrs. Robertson has been busy in a lab at USC, working diligently towards her PhD, as well as tutoring high school students in science. When she heard about the opening for physics at our school, she jumped at the chance to become a member of the LCHS staff.

While teaching physics is very different from her childhood dream of being an Olympic swimmer, Mrs, Robertson is very happy with her job. Her main goal for the year is to teach her students the realistic applications of physics in order to solve real life problems, but she also looks forward to getting to know them personally.

“A lot of times in a science classroom, it’s just talking about science, and that can get kind of boring,” she said. “I think I’d really like to interact with you guys as people instead of just as scientists.”

So far, Mrs. Robertson seems popular with the students.

“Mrs. Robertson is great!” said Rochelle Leung (11), eagerly. “She gives out a sufficient amount of homework for practice, but not too much to kill you, and she answers all your questions with reasonable answers.”

“She’s kind and she’s very knowledgeable,” agreed Sara Haleblian (11). “She knows what she’s doing.”

But physics isn’t the only thing she’s good at. Even though she never made it to the Olympics, Mrs. Robertson still tries to swim once a week, perhaps explaining why she says her spirit animal is an otter. She also enjoys playing water polo and volleyball.

“Exercise helps keep me sane,” she said.

So whether you have questions about physics, or you just want to say hi, you can find Mrs. Robertson in room 311. Let’s all be sure to give her a warm welcome!

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