Mrs. Hernandez, Our New Counselor

  • September 11, 2017


Told by her friends that she should become a counselor someday, Mrs. Hernandez, LCHS’s new school counselor, seemed destined to counsel students and guide them through high school. Prepared with heaps of experience, a passion for traveling, a gorilla as her spirit animal, and something we can all relate to, a love for food, Mrs. Hernandez is bound to make a big difference at LCHS.

Being the first person in her family to go to college, she felt strongly about the importance of talking to high school students and making them realize that they have an opportunity to go to college. She noticed that the counselors in her high school didn’t reach out to all students and mostly concentrated on those they assumed would go to college.

“Being able to go to college myself made me look back and think that counseling would be something I’d really like to do,” she explained.

Born in Ohio, Mrs. Hernandez lived in Arizona as a child. She attended Northern Arizona University, where she majored in psychology and business administration. After college, she stayed in Las Vegas for a while, and from there moved to California. Before coming to LCHS, Mrs. Hernandez worked at Temescal Canyon High School and John Muir Middle School. She was drawn to La Canada High School when she heard colleagues talking about the district’s reputation. Mrs. Hernandez really enjoyed the fact that our district is smaller and consists of very high performing students. LCHS appears to be a great fit for Mrs. Hernandez and, luckily enough, we now have her as part of our school’s wonderful counseling team.

Mrs. Hernandez is looking forward to going out into campus and getting to know LC’s students better. She’s eager to watch students participate in school spirit and discover what we are all about.

“I’m excited to be a spectator at some of the games and just getting a good feel for what you guys are interested in,” she added.

So let’s give a big, warm welcome to Mrs. Hernandez, LC’s newest counselor!

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