Mr. Jonathan Lyons

  • September 11, 2017

U2 fan. Proud father of three. Ravenclaw. These are just a few things that describe Mr. Jonathan Lyons.

Mr. Lyons has been in the education field for 21 years and was a history teacher for 9 of those. He was the Principal at Gabrielino HIgh School when he realized that he wanted to become the head of curriculum as the Assistant Principal for LCHS. He says that the reason he wanted to be the assistant principal was because, “[he] had wanted to work with students on the global level and work with the stuff that really matters, like the curriculum.”

Although his main responsibility as the Assistant principal is to oversee changes in curriculum and the quality of education we LC students receive, he also, “oversee[s] the master schedule, work[s] closely with the counseling department, and constantly work[s] to find a better way to use naviance and college recruiting programs.”

Interestingly enough, even before he came to LC, he’s known many of LCHS teachers for quite a while (including but not limited to Mr. Mathews, Mr. Yoder, Dr. Carruthers, and Mr. Cardinal as well). Because he has known La Canada for a while now, he says that the opportunity to work here is a very exciting one.

When not at school, Mr. Lyons chauffeurs his three children around to their activities. However, he mentioned that “something always is able to draw me back to the high school experience. The high school experience for me, there is not a part that I don’t like. I love the pep rallies, I love the football games, and all the pomp and circumstances that come with that, homecoming, spirit weeks, that stuff that makes the school fun. I also look forward to kids getting acceptance letters into college. Being able to be excited for that, and just watching you guys kind of experience that transition from being young adults to being adults.”

“It is stasis that will kill you in the end, not ambition.” -Bono

He is relly excited and allways

Always exemplifies his admiration for u2 as

So let’s give Mr. Lyons, our new Assistant Principal, a warm LC welcome!

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