Iron Spartan (Aram Behshid)

  • September 11, 2017

Playing a sport while handling the stress of school is already difficult. What about taking three sports in a school year to become an Iron Spartan? Aram Behshid (11) aims to achieve this title by fulfilling the requirement of taking three different sports for the school. During his Junior year, he is doing cross country, wrestling, and track. In addition to these, he takes this to another level by not only participating in three school sports in one year, but by also juggling additional extracurriculars activities, AP classes, outside sports, and volunteer work.

When asked what motivated him to become an Iron Spartan, Aram responded, “I wanted to be an Iron Spartan because it challenges and prepares both my mind and body for other sports.”

Along with these school sports, Aram also practices boxing, cycling, MMA, and gymnastics to build and maintain his physique. His devotion to athletics goes hand in hand with his determination to perform at a high level. This commitment to athletics requires intense discipline due to the other activities he is engaged in.

“When I get home from practice or school, I immediately start my homework so I have time to do other mandatory activities and time to do something I enjoy,” Aram said.

Aram’s advice is to take time out of your day to do something you enjoy in order to cope with any stress in your life. For example, he takes the time to practice drums, tutor kids, take theatre, and go hiking to relieve stress. He believes that it is okay to apply yourself to many activities, as long as you’re able to maintain a balance

Preparing for a peak performance in athletics requires patience, careful thought, and a specialized mindset.

“I have to have a different mindset for each sport. For example, when it comes to combat sports, I have to think about my opponent’s possible counter attack. I don’t really think about it until I actually have to perform. By taking all these sports, I hope I can better prepare my mind for competitions. I do learn from my mistakes though.”

Aram Behshid embodies a true Iron Spartan by not only exceeding the school requirements, but by also maintaining a balance while living a busy, active life.

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