LC to elect new city council

  • March 20, 2017
By Diane Lee
     On Tuesday, December 12, the La Cañada City Council members cast a unanimous vote to consolidate the municipal election, centered on the decision to fill two open council seats.
Currently, the La Cañada City Council consists of five members, all who have been elected for four-year terms. The next municipal election will be held on March 7th, 2017. The candidates were nominated in December 2016 and have been narrowed down to Keith Eich, John Curtis, and David Spence, with the latter two running for reelection.
     David Spence has been a member of the City council for 24 years, after serving a four-year term on the Public Safety Commision. As an experienced candidate, he claims that La Cañada would be greatly improved with a cost-effective sewer system, as well as the expansion of the neighborhood watch program to increase security. Some of the most important issues to address, according to Mr. Spence,  are the trash haulers in La Cañada, as well as the unification of the La Cañada and Glendale school districts.
     Jon Curtis is another incumbent running for reelection. Having first been elected to the City Council in 2013, he has been a supporter of purchasing the former Sport Chalet complex to build a new City Hall location. During his second term in office, he hopes to work with the sheriff to minimize the amount of burglaries and install motion-activated cameras around the city. Curtis also has plans to expand and update underground cables to prevent the frequent power outages that have plagued the town.
     Lastly, candidate Keith Eich, who moved to La Cañada in 2014, is a newcomer to local politics . He worked as a vice president for the tech company LegalZoom, as well as a director at NBCUniversal. Eich believes that he would be able to bring a new perspective to the city of La Cañada and represent the young families. He claims that the single most important issue La Cañada faces is the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, especially centered around the Town Center. He believes that insufficient sidewalk space and unenforced street parking around schools is a hazard to children. If elected, Eich would bring a “diversity in vantage points” and would “advocate for young families.” Since Eich has lived in both small towns and big cities, he believes he has the perspective necessary to solve La cañada’s problems.
     The three city council candidates all seem to hold La Cañada in their best interests. The difference in these candidates is their priorities regarding key issues. Hopefully, March 7th marks the beginning of positive change in La Cañada.
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