Kicking it back

  • March 20, 2017
By Lyndsay Song
     Though the girls had a rocky beginning, the La Cañada Girls’ Soccer team is rounding off their 2017 season with multiple wins. After a well deserved break, the girls currently hold an impressive title as first in the League Championships with a record of 5-2. Earlier this January, the team faced off against Monrovia, Temple City, and South Pasadena, winning with scores of 2-0, 3-0, and 1-0, respectively. Continuing their great play and sportsmanship, the players garnered even more wins in February against Monrovia and South Pasadena with respective scores of 1-0 and 2-1.
     “In this past game against South Pasadena, captain Arianna Aghadjanians(12) led the defense to prevent other scoring opportunities,” team captain Kallie Rushing(11) said.
Captain Mia LeClerc(11) also praised “Ella Romero(11) for controlling the pace of the game with her skillful attacking, Chloe Kouyoumdjian(11) for scoring the first goal, and Sidney Hwang(11) for solidifying our win with a beautiful header.”
    Reflecting on this year’s season, Mia added, “I’m extremely proud of our team. We have all worked and pushed ourselves to get this far. Our team goal was to win league and we did. With every game, we have gotten progressively better and have become a stronger, united team.”
Kallie also recounted, “The season has been going well. We definitely improved where we began, and this has led us to the league championships.”
    The Girls’ Soccer season ended in the CIF match against Roosevelt, a loss of 1-2. But nevertheless, the team persevered and pulled through despite having been moved up to Division 3.
     “The team had an amazing year, especially as such a young team. I have really high hopes for next year, since most of our players will become upperclassmen. We were extremely motivated and were able to work through injuries and other setbacks to come together and play really well,” concluded Captain Arianna.
     With their last game for the season done, Girls’ Soccer will continue to improve and aspire for the League Championships next year.

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