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  • March 20, 2017
By Daniel Oh
Senioritis is a hit-or-miss. Either wave of laziness hits you like a freight train or you stay unaffected and study away your last semester like any other. I’m pretty sure I fall into the latter category. I’m still pretty good about turning in my homework and not slacking. However, many seniors would argue that the second you submit your college apps, it’s like you’re a different person: a version of you that just wants to sleep through the rest of the school year.
     Many seniors would say that there was a fundamental change right after pressing “submit” on their college applications. Their brains are rewired, their blood flows in the opposite direction, and something about them just changes drastically. The important part is that now everything is different: you don’t have to care about homework or grades as much anymore. You’re done, and that’s it.
     On the other hand, as one of the unaffected, I would characterize senioritis as merely an excuse to get out of homework. It’s the same feeling of idleness as the ones you felt the past three years. Sure, you miss assignments, just like how you missed assignments in freshman year; you’re just paying more attention to them because you’re a senior.
     Seniors still have to work hard because most aren’t even accepted yet, and for the ones that have been accepted, they have to work hard to avoid their admission being rescinded. There are no excuses or breaks for high school students, and saying that you feel more lazy than usual is not a valid reason to avoid school work.
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