Ice King spits fire

  • March 20, 2017
By Lynette Aslanian
     LCHS juniors Jonathan Min (J Min) and Garret Loter (Lo-G) and CVHS junior Jared Lee (Jared) recently created a rap group on campus and have been releasing songs on SoundCloud over the past few months. They were originally just doing it for fun, but their music has caught the attention of many LCHS and CVHS students. The group doesn’t have an official name, but listeners call them “Ice King” because the first song they released was called “Ice King.”
     “After we recorded the ‘Ice King’ track together, we were inspired to make the group. As soon as we left the studio, we kept talking about how we just vibed so well considering we’d only spent 2 hours together,” said member Jared Lee.
     Garret and Jared had known each other since the eighth grade. Jonathan and Garret had been friends for a while, but Jared and Jonathan first met on the day they recorded the track. The group writes all of their own music.
     They released “Ice King” on November 30, 2016.
     “This is just a fun song we wanted to mess around with, but there will be more songs coming soon,” said Jonathan Min.
     A lot of people reacted positively towards their music, and they released their second single, “How It Go” on December 15, 2016. They also stated that the music video of Ice King would be released during winter break. On January 6th, they released “Mobbin,” their third song. Their fourth song was titled “No Way!” So far, they have gained a lot of popularity at school. Students Mia Leclerc and Hanna Kruglov asked the group to play at their birthday party in late January. From that, more people started listening to their music. They recently came out with their fifth track, “Lately,” that has also granted them more success. This track contributes to their upcoming mixtape, “Weakend Weekends.”
     The success they have experienced so far has been exciting for the group, and having everyone at school as one of your fans can’t be bad. Listeners anxiously wait for their new music and what else there is to come.

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