Soccer Boys defend their turf

  • February 10, 2017
By Lynette Aslanian
     Despite their rough start, the Boys’ Varsity soccer team has high hopes and expectations for rest of the season ahead. During the beginning of the season, the team members struggled with their first three defeats, yet soon recovered, immediately regaining their strength and power with the next three victories . Unfortunately, they stagnated at this point, balancing out with another two losses and two ties, until they won against Blair and tied against Monrovia.

​     From last week’s Monrovia game, however, the players made further improvements utilizing their talents and skills. Displaying outstanding performance and sportsmanship, the varsity team played a fantastic match, despite the 2-2 tie. Senior captain Sam Adida  made some especially remarkable plays, scoring the two goals and playing defensively. Although the result was not exactly what they hoped for, all the players demonstrated praiseworthy devotion and effort.  
Senior Armand Manoukian also commented on the team’s chemistry, saying, “The chemistry is great. We love playing with each other, and we hang out at least twice a week. They can get annoying, but I love them.”
​     The team has bigger plans for the rest of the year, which include competing in CIF.
“So far it’s been a great season, since in the beginning we not only have developed as players but also as a team. We plan to win league matches as well as the  CIF games,” said Ryan Cabello (11), in regards to the team’s fervent hopes.  
    The team still has eight more games to play as well as the CIF matches, so there are still a lot of opportunities awaiting them. We wish all the very best luck for our soccer team! Go Spartans!

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