Natalie Petrosian: the Rose Court Princess

  • October 25, 2016

By Jenny Wang
La Cañada’s beloved Royal Court Princess and LCHS senior
Natalie Rose Petrosian has made headlines across news outlets in Los Angeles and even California. The journey from normal LCHS senior to Rose Court princess was an exhilarating experience for her.
    Princess Natalie has been an engaged and active member of the student body of La Canada. She has served as captain of the JV Tennis Team as a sophomore and has played on the team for four years now. She is also an active member of the Future Problem Solving Club and started her own animal philanthropy club.
    Natalie originally did not plan to audition for the Rose Court, but in the end she decided to try out just for the experience of it. After applying on the Tournament of Roses website, she attended the first 15 second interview. The entire selection process takes almost a month, and includes four interviews. Applicants had 15 seconds in front of the selection committee to state their tryout number and tell them why they were participating for a spot on the Royal Court before they  were given two tickets to the Royal Ball and photographed with a bouquet of red roses.
    “Be purposeful and concise with your 15-second answer!” Natalie said. “Two days after that first interview, they emailed me that I made it to the next round. The next few interviews were much longer and the questions they asked me became progressively more in depth.”
These questions included: If you could volunteer for one cause, what would it be? and What are the best and worst byproducts  of social media?
    “I was so excited and surprised when they called my name during the announcement of the Court. I received a rigorous schedule of over a hundred events, and I am so pumped to be a part of such a great tradition,” she explained.
Since her nomination to the Royal Court, Natalie has gone through a series of training sessions for her appearances on television.
“We are currently undergoing makeovers and attending etiquette and speech training. My next speaking event will be at the Queen’s Coronation on October 20th, followed by a short pitch on the benefits of LCUSD schools. As for the whole group, we will visit and speak at hospitals, schools, churches, and government offices,” Natalie said.
Be sure to congratulate Natalie Petrosian on her rise to Pasadena royalty and wish her luck on the Queen’s Coronation on October 20th!

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